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AutDB Autism Database

Genetic database for autism spectrum disorders

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Reading Room

Enhancing public knowledge of autism research

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Our Mission

MindSpec is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that utilizes innovative bioinformatics strategies to accelerate research on common neurodevelopmental disorders. With our research we hope to foster discovery and development of treatments that alleviate the symptoms of affected individuals. Get Involved

Interactive Biology

Distributed Annotation

MindSpec promotes AutDB as a resource of collective knowledge by encouraging participation of the research community in reviewing, updating and analyzing AutDB data


Databases and Tools


We develop products that accelerate autism research. In the digital age, we integrate the vast amount of autism-related data into online resources for researchers, clinicians, and affected families.


Peer-Reviewed Research


We conduct original research to define molecular mechanisms of autism. Our research team utilizes AutDB gene sets to publish numerous peer-reviewed research articles.


Our Research  Available to the World

Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Advance Autism Research

Autism research encompasses many diverse areas such as genetics, neurobiology, immunology and psychiatry.

The vast amount of data emerging from these fields and the complex nature of this information demands state-of-the-art IT solutions to collect, systematize, and analyze the data. We have launched the first genetic database for autism, AutDB.