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We provide comprehensive, cutting-edge digital resources for scientists, clinicians, and anyone affected by autism. With a bioinformatics approach, we are creating an interdisciplinary forum that combines the latest genetic, neurobiological, and clinical information about autism spectrum disorders.

AutDB: The Autism Database

In 2007 we launched the first database that collects all genes linked to autism, . This database is an active collection of candidate genes identified in genetic association studies, genes linked to syndromic autism, and rare single gene mutations. AutDB is designed with a systems biology approach, integrating genetic information within the original Human Gene module to corresponding data in subsequent Animal Model, Protein Interaction (PIN), and CNV modules. Read More >

Autism Reading Room

We are creating an online resource to enhance public understanding of autism research. Autism Reading Room is designed to explain scientific advances in autism to a general audience. Its objectives are to assist affected families in understanding their diagnosis, introduce the field of autism research to clinicians and practitioners, and promote public understanding of brain development. Read More >