Paras Kaul

Paras Kaul

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Paras Kaul received an MFA degree in digital animation and video from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with undergraduate studies in English, art, and photography at California State University, Sacramento and James Madison University. After completing her education, she held digital animation internships at Omnibus located at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and Real Time Design in Chicago. As a production assistant at Digital Effects, Inc. in NY, she handled postproduction operations for digital animation. In Mississippi, as an assistant professor in a Graduate Program for Electronic Visualization, she founded a professional chapter of the Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. She has been interviewed for Studio 360, With Good Reason Radio, Gamasutra’s Game Career Guide, GMU-TV, and Mason’s English Matters.

Current Work

Paras Kaul is a brainwave artist/researcher who composes brain wave music and animation. She experiments with brain to computer interface technologies (BCI) for interactive gaming—intended to train the brain for learning and rehabilitation. Using brain wave data, multimedia, and neurofeedback, she produces gaming prototypes that morph brainwaves to low frequency coherence, which she posits stimulates wellness in the mind and body. As Director of Web Communications at George Mason University, she received an Outstanding Achievement Award. Additionally, Paras publishes peer-reviewed articles on brainwave learning and gaming and has been an invited speaker to France and Australia, and the UK—where she presented her gaming research at the Dana Centre Museum of Science in London.


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