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Our core mission at MindSpec, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, is to advance research on neurodevelopmental conditions. Founded in 2006, MindSpec is an independent, non-profit research organization established to facilitate the discovery of a cure for autism. Although we initially focused on autism, we hope to expand our research to other types of neuropsychiatric illness.

We develop bioinformatics strategies using current information technology platforms to build disease-specific databases. At MindSpec we place a strong emphasis is on “translational” research, that is, closing the gap between basic science discoveries and practical treatments with the potential of benefitting people who have autism.


  • Build an integrated, up-to-date, relevant, searchable resource on autism, AutDB.
  • Build a community of scientists, practitioners, educators, policymakers and people affected by autism to share and disseminate knowledge of autism.
  • Identify gaps in autism research around the world.
  • Identify priority areas in autism research based on real-world needs.
  • Build an autism dictionary and digital information library.
  • Address cultural differences in treatments for autism, a social disease.
  • Build knowledge about autism for immediate use.