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What is MindSpec?

MindSpec is a not-for-profit organization established to accelerate autism research. We develop new tools to integrate research information about autism from diverse scientific disciplines

What does MindSpec offer?

We have developed a searchable database on autism, AutDB. AutDB is a cutting-edge resource to facilitate communication between scientists, clinicians and anyone affected by autism. We aim to offer an unbiased, dynamic, up-to-date, full range view of autism.

Who is involved at MindSpec?

Sharmila Banerjee Basu, Ph.D. founded the organization in 2006 and is currently its CSO and President. MindSpec currently has 5 members in its scientific advisory board along experienced scientists, and developers in its research/operations team.

Whom do I contact with questions about MindSpec and AutDB?

For queries about MindSpec, please contact Sue Spence at sue@mindspec.org.