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MindSpec offers a wide range of “family-friendly” benefits that goes far beyond the standard options of insurance and retirement:
  • Flexible work schedule: implemented for employees on a case by case basis in lieu of a traditional fixed work schedule, with the approval of their supervisors
  • Holidays: Each full-time employee will be entitled to nine (9) legal holidays per year.
  • Vacation Leave:  Each full-time employee will be entitled to ten (10) days annually of salary paid time off from their employment.  Vacation days accumulate year-after-year.
  • Sick Leave:  Each full-time employee will be entitled to ten (10) days annually of salary paid time off from their employment. Sick days accumulate year-after-year.
  • Health plan:  A full-time employee would be entitled to join the company’s Group Health Plan which covers doctor’s visits, major and minor hospitalization, prescription drug plan and others with the insurance premium being shared between the company and employee in the ratio of 75-25.
  • Retirement plan – IRA Benefits:  Each full-time employment will immediately become eligible for a simple IRA Plan with employer, MindSpec, Inc. match of up to 3%.
  • Part-time Employment:  Each employee working less than twenty-five (25) hours per week will be considered a part-time employee.  Part-time employees will be paid on a pro-rata basis for their weekly hours.
  • Leave Without Pay:  If an employee has exhausted his or her available annual or sick leave or other forms of paid time off, he or she may request leave without pay (LWOP). LWOP is a temporary non-pay status and will be granted on a case by case basis by your supervisor.
  • Pay Period:  Each employee, both full-time and part-time, will be paid once a month.  Each employee will be required to complete a time sheet on a monthly basis and present same to the payroll clerk in a timely manner.
  • Green Card:  For those employees who are neither citizens nor green card holders, Mindspec would initiate their Green Card processing after the employee has successfully completed one year of employment with Mindspec. The attorney fees, filing fees and other expenses incurred has to be shared in equal amounts by the employer and the employee.
  • Paid Jury Duty:  Should an employee be called for jury duty, Mindspec would compensate the employee for time.
  • Course Work: MindSpec will pay for an employee’s course work on a case by case basis should an employee chooses to pursue Graduate studies with an accredited University or College.
  •  Maternity Leave:  Full-time female employees shall be entitled to three (3) weeks paid maternity leave per year following the birth of their child.