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Besides AutDB, what are MindSpec’s other projects?

MindSpec is also creating Autism Reading Room, an online resource to enhance public understanding of autism research. Autism Reading Room is designed to explain scientific advances in autism to a general audience. Its objectives are to assist affected families in understanding their diagnosis, introduce the field of autism research to clinicians and practitioners, and promote public understanding of brain development. Its anticipated release is March 2012.

Additionally, as part of Autism Reading Room, MindSpec developed a tool called Autism Dictionary. The dictionary is a comprehensive resource that explains >900 neurobiological, genetic, and clinical terms about autism spectrum disorders. Descriptions will eventually include interactive visual and audio components.

Another tool constructed as part of Autism Reading Room is Autism Quiz, which we also developed into a social media application (“app”).  The Autism Quiz app allows the general public to share facts about autism with friends.  Freely available on iTunes, our Autism Quiz App features four challenging quizzes:  Beginner, Advanced, In the News, and Misconceptions.

Finally, MindSpec is currently compiling Autism Clinic Portal, a clinical resource for autism spectrum disorders. The digital tool will provide information about autism diagnoses, treatments, interventions, clinical trials, and neuroimaging studies.

Where can I get more information about autism and MindSpec?

Check out our Autism Reading Room for the latest information about MindSpec’s activities and publications, the general scientific literature on autism, and news!

If you still have other questions about autism and MindSpec, please contact us at admin@mindspec.org.