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Genetic Testing Book Chapter Published

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MindSpec recently published their second book chapter by InTech Open Access publishers, summarizing the current state of genetic testing for autism. The authors emphasized that at present, genetic tests cannot diagnose autism spectrum disorders (ASD); they can only identify genetic variants potentially responsible for ASD pathogenesis in a given individual.  Moreover, expert interpretation of genetic
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MindSpec Launches Webinar Series for Autism Parents

MindSpec announces the launch of its new science outreach webinar series, “Bridging Parents with Autism Science.”  Interested participants should register. This webinar series is part of MindSpec’s online science outreach resource, Autism Reading Room.  Designed to enhance public understanding of autism research, Autism Reading Room features interactive tools to explain current scientific knowledge about autism
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MindSpec Hosts Autism Reading Room Forum

Goal:  Unite scientists with the autism community in order to enhance public understanding of autism research The rapidly rising prevalence of autism has led to saturation of news outlets with autism stories, often with conflicting information. To empower affected families with scientific knowledge, we recently released Autism Reading Room, an online resource designed to enhance
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Updates to Autism Quiz App

To spread public knowledge of autism, we recently created a social media application (“app”) which allows the general public to share facts about autism with friends.   Freely available on iTunes, our Autism Quiz app features four challenging quizzes:  Basic, Advanced, In the News, and Misconceptions.   We have now updated our Autism Quiz app
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MindSpec Presents PEATC Webinar

On Wed April 25 at 12:00 PM, MindSpec will broadcast an autism webinar for PEATC, the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center. During the webinar, MindSpec scientists will present a tour of their new science outreach website, Autism Reading Room, designed to enhance public understanding of autism research.  They will highlight the Brain Biology section of
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